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General Dentist located in Burbank, CA

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Burbank Dental Studio in Burbank, California, is a state-of-the-art dental facility under the expert guidance of experienced general dentist Annie Aboulian, DMD (Dr. Annie). Renowned for its commitment to holistic care, the practice embodies the principles of gentle dentistry, delivering extra care and compassion to each patient through digital imaging, sedation dentistry, and a compassionate team. 

Burbank Dental Studio fosters a welcoming atmosphere with a friendly and attentive staff dedicated to actively listening to patients. Maintaining impeccable cleanliness, the office ensures a hygienic and comfortable environment for all visitors. This commitment to a clean and welcoming space reflects Burbank Dental Studio's dedication to providing high-quality, modern, and compassionate dental care to the Burbank community.

With a holistic philosophy, Burbank Dental Studio emphasizes the importance of preventive dental care and patient education, providing comprehensive insights into the causes of dental issues and effective maintenance strategies. 

Equipped with pioneering technology, Burbank Dental Studio aligns with the latest trends in dentistry, embracing digital techniques at the cutting-edge office. This commitment ensures that patients receive services incorporating the most recent and advanced dental techniques, from routine dental cleanings and tooth extractions to cosmetic dentistry treatments like veneers, teeth whitening, and Botox®

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